Nourish Duo Oils


Protect your skin from the winter weather with our Nourish Duo - Marula Facial Oil and Nourish Body Oil

Marula Oil with Baobob oil, Apricot Oil and Anti-oxidant Booster blend. High in anti-oxidants and a good source of omega's, vitamins and amino acids. Smoothing and softening for fine lines, reducing redness and trans-epidermal water loss. Lightweight and easily absorbed to keep skin feeling hydrated and nourished.

Nourish Oil, blended with 5 of the best known and effective oils to combat cellulite, stretch marks and scars. The addition of natural Vitamin E aids healing and protection. Sweet Orange Oil provides a subtle but invigorating scent. Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Tamanu, Avocado and Grapeseed Oils are packed full of vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants to encourage healthy looking and feeling skin.

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