Welcome to our New Brand - Mend

You may have noticed a few changes from our previous site Active Formulas. We’ve been busy rebranding and are excited to introduce to you, our new brand Mend.

Along with the new name, we’ve added a new collection to our skin care range, sourced and manufactured in the UK and added our new ‘Beauty from Within’ skin supplement, Replenish Collagen - pure collagen peptides. Don’t worry though, we still stock our bestselling skincare and ingredients from Skin Actives.

Mend Skin Care Peptides

We’re always striving to do things better and create better value for our customers. This starts with improving our Peptides. We’ve upscaled the size to 5 ml glass dropper bottles, along with a paraben free formula without any extra shipping costs! We wanted to reduce the journey and make it last that little bit longer. You’ll notice a range of new cosmetic bottles and available in Clear and Amber glass.

An upgrade to our packaging and formulas. We are all trying to be more mindful of how much plastic we use. So we are making our best efforts to reduce plastic in our containers. This includes using glass bottles for small sizes and PET/PCR (post consumer recycled) plastic for larger sizes.

Mend Skin Care Amber Glass Dropper Bottle

Pet plastic is highly recyclable and can go straight into your recycling after use. This is ready to be transformed into a new (PCR) plastic bottle. We at Mend, highly encourage you to re-use or refill your glass bottles to use time and time again. Alternatively, place in your glass recycling box after use.